How to Maximize the Value of Your Certification

How to Maximize the Value of Your Certification

How to Maximize the Value of Your Certification

Every learner is career-focused and invests in a program that benefits employment. For this, the learner may want the provided certificate shareable and verified. When a learner becomes a part of the learning program, the priority lies with certification hence making it essential for the organization to value and verify the credentials.

Providing Authentic Verification:

The rise of digitalisation comes with its own set of cons and risk factors. To name a few, the risk of forged credentials, duplication and faking the credentials. These risks dismiss the legitimacy of the credentials.

While the risk factors remain, a verified digital credential issuing platform disregards the risk factors. Digital certification can be encrypted to avoid any alteration to the original documents, it also provides verified digital signatures that cannot be manipulated or accessed.

Credentials can be verified by practising Four effective strategies:


The digital certificate anatomy includes the name of the organization, the recipient name, date of issue, date of expiration and digital signature.Make sure the information is updated and accuracy is not compromised. In case of typos make sure the digital credential is editable with the due permission of the authorisation. Make sure the organization has the authority to revoke the certification in case of misbehaviour.


Learners may only enrol in a program once they find the organisation secure and valid. It is crucial to have the name of the organization verified on the digital credentials. Digital credentials can be encrypted to diminish the risk factors of the credentials being altered or manipulated. Make sure the digital credentials are backed with meta-data to verify the validity of the credentials.


From the era of paper-based credentials to digital credentials, the world has seen drastic changes and advancements regarding tools and technologies. Invest in an in-built robust digital credential platform that provides designing, customising, issuing and verifying hassle-free. Make sure the credentials are backed with meta-data for verification and top-most security that dismisses unauthorized access to the credential, manipulation and forgery.


Enable downloading and sharing the digital credentials across all digital platforms like social media, social-networking sites, emails, portfolios and more. Sharing the digital certification maximises the value of the credential earned.

In Conclusion:

Digital Credentials holds great value in the eyes of the learners as they have invested both their time and money into them. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the organization to maximize the value of the certification through security and verification.