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Digitized Certificates & Badges

Gain more traction to your conferences & events by publishing Digitized Certificate/Badges webpage to your speakers/delegates. These online certificates of recognition act as a digital souvenir.

Un-lock advertising space

Our certificate web pages are customizable to include a branding banner, CTA, etc. Utilize this space to market your product/ services or sell this ad space to your lead sponsorer.

Gain More Visibility

The sharable credentials enable you drive 10X more relevant traffic to your events page over paid advertisements. It also generates a ton of social media engagements boosting your event's visibility.

Verifiable Certificates

Each of our certificates is enabled with a QR code to establish authenticity seamlessly. This also ensures our certificates can not be forged. We also have email-based manual verification

Our Products

How does it work?

Step 1. Upload Names

The names of awardees are to be uploaded along with a certification template. We understand your data privacy concerns hence you don't need to upload any sensitive data including email etc.

Step 2. Generate Certificates

certifyme will help you generate the certificates as a webpage for each awardee. Each certificate is stored in a unique web address with a QRcode embedded on it for verifiability

Step 3. Issue Certificates

Sit back & relax as our application automates the mundane task of certificate authoring & publication. The generated certificate web pages are mobile/social media-friendly and sharable


  • 50 certificates/badges
  • Customized Branding
  • Standard web page per credential
  • Services of a Graphics Designer
  • 3$ / credential
  • One Event
  • Ideal for small events


  • 500 certificates/badges
  • Customized Branding
  • Standard web page per credential
  • Services of a Graphics Designer
  • 2$ / credential
  • One Event
  • Ideal for large events


  • Minimum 1000
  • Highly Customized Branding
  • Customized web page per Credential
  • Services of a Graphics Designer
  • No limit on Events
  • Ideal for large events that need customization
  • talk to us
  • or email for quotes
* All credentials will be accessible for 12 months from the date of issue. In any extraordinary cases, if the credential (certificate or Badge) needs to make available beyond 12 months, a special request has to be sent to . We will be charging a nominal amount of 2$(USD) per certificate/year for renewals.

Our Clients

Certify Me.Online Advantage

Certify Me is a "Trusted Digital Certificate Publishing Platform" . We empower large event producers to generate and publish digitized certificates/Badges for conferences, sports events, training, etc . Our mobile-friendly , verifiable , social-media complaint certificate web pages enable event visibility and reach. is a QuadraLogics concern.