Digitized Certificates & Badges

Gain more attraction to your conferences & events by publishing Digitized Credential Webpages to your speakers/delegates. These digital Credential of recognition acts as a digital souvenirs.

Un-lock advertising space

Our Credential Webpages are customizable to include a branding banner and CTA button. Utilize this space to market your products/services or resell it to your lead sponsors.

Gain More Visibility

These sharable Credentials enable you drive 10X more relevant traffic to your events over paid advertisements. It also generates a lot of social media engagements, boosting your event's visibility.


Each of our Credentials is enabled with a QR Code to establish authenticity seamlessly. This also ensures our Credentials can't be forged. We also have email-based verification.

How does it work?

Step 1. Sign Up

Sign up, create your Credentials templates, and upload awardee names. We understand your data privacy concerns hence you need not upload any sensitive data like awardees Email ID.

Step 2. Generate Credentials

CertifyMe.Online will help you generate the Credential Webpages for each awardee. Each Credential is stored in a unique web address with a QR Code embedded on it for verifiability.

Step 3. Issue Credentials

Sit back & relax as our application automates the mundane task of Credential authoring & publication. The generated Credential Webpages are mobile/social media-friendly and sharable.


CertifyMe.Online is an end-to-end solution for creating, issuing, and managing your Digital Credentials. Our Platform enables you to:

1) Issue Verifiable Digital Credentials like Digital Badges and Certificates.

2) Automate your Credential issuing process.

3) Publish Digital Credentials on social media platforms.

4) Attach advertisements with call to actions to your Credential Webpages.

5) Generate leads and web traffic to your programs and events.

6) Monetize the advertisement space by selling it to your sponsor.

7) Maximize brand presences with participant references triggered using organic sharing.


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